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Chapter 3369 – The Cloudy Sunbow Sword Sect steep resolute
“100 a long time have pa.s.sed… I wonder if your father has arrived in the Incredible Palace of your Solitary Dangerous Paradise,” Feng Tian Wu stated as she investigated Duan Si Ling affectionately. She experienced long taken care of Duan Si Ling like her girl. Actually, she position Duan Si Ling above themselves. Each jewel she attained will be offered to Duan Si Ling. This is why, Duan Si Ling’s cultivation foundation was comparable to hers. If she offered in when Duan Si Ling declined the treasures, her farming foundation could well be greater than exactly what it was now.
“Aunt Wu, I… I neglect my dad and mum a lot!” Duan Si Ling through to store in the thoughts, but finally, she could not assistance but weep as she threw themselves into Feng Tian Wu’s biceps and triceps.
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Inside a valley the place that the Cloudy Sunbow Sword Sect’s property was positioned, sword cries resounded in the valley. A curvaceous determine could be found rehearsing with the sword halfway along the hill. The sword rays she released were actually so vibrant that appeared much like sunlight when taken out within the fresh air much like a dragon.
“Junior Grandaunt.”
The Celestials during the Solitary Damaging Heaven had been mainly Sword Celestials because of the Divine Emperor. The Cloudy Sunbow Sword Sect was an all-women 4th-speed sect much more than 90Per cent of their own associates were women.
Using this, an ominous feeling begun to boost in Feng Tian Wu’s coronary heart.
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“Aunt Wu.” The stunning female dressed up in a mild purple gown withdrew her sword. In spite of her elegance, she were built with a valiant atmosphere about her. If Duan Ling Tian were below, he might be stunned to view this woman’s resemblance to his spouse, Ke’er. This female was the one and only Duan Si Ling, Duan Ling Tian and Ke’er’s child. The Aunt Wu she outlined was none other than Feng Tian Wu.
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“Junior Grandaunt.”
Quickly enough, an incredible gal within a white-colored attire suddenly descended coming from the heavens and sprang out adjacent to Feng Tian Wu and Duan Si Ling.
300 years acquired pa.s.sed given that Xia Jie from the Xia Clan experienced forwarded them out of the Divine Offering Terrain. Coincidentally, Duan Si Ling and Feng Tian Wu have been brought to precisely the same mundane realm referred to as Fantastic Desolation World. Given that they taken in the Heaven and World Heart Strength in the Divine Providing Area, their cultivation bases possessed gone up tremendously. With regards to their farming bases, it did not take long before they ascended to the Devata Realm.
‘When Yun Qing Yan caught Sister Ke’er, he mentioned he acquired directed his gentlemen to get rid of Senior citizen Feng Qing Yang because Buddy Ling Tian is successor….’
There was a wonderful girl dressed up in an extended hot-reddish colored robe standing within the side watching the first kind perform. Her eye had been piercing having a sign of fierceness, nevertheless they would soften when she considered the first kind.
Before Yu Wen Qing could response, the noise of breeze howling rang within the fresh air together with the coming of a thin old girl dressed up in reduce dark robes. She was You Bai Feng, the best guy within the sect and the only t.i.tled Celestial Lord inside the sect.
Once the liquid droplets began to autumn, she swept the sword out and simply deflected water droplets.
“Tell her,” You Bai Feng said to Yu Wen Qing.
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A sword ray taken out and landed in the waterfall, resulting in the normal water to splash anywhere. Almost all of the water was splashed in their own course. She narrowed her eyeballs as she wielded her sword. As though time possessed halted water froze in middle-air.
300 a long time had pa.s.sed due to the fact Xia Jie from your Xia Clan acquired forwarded them from the Divine Featuring Land. Coincidentally, Duan Si Ling and Feng Tian Wu were actually shipped to a similar mundane world called the Good Desolation Realm. Since they consumed the Heaven and Earth Nature Strength in the Divine Supplying Terrain, their farming bases obtained risen tremendously. With their cultivation bases, it did not take long right before they ascended to a Devata Kingdom.
Because of this, an ominous sensation began to increase in Feng Tian Wu’s center.
Feng Tian Wu got picked to attend the Solitary Harmful Paradise because she had observed that Feng Qing Yang was the Heavenly Emperor in the Solitary Dangerous Heaven. After lacking for some time, she also been told Feng Qing Yang acquired reclaimed his throne. She was aware Duan Ling Tian addressed Feng Qing Yang, even the former Sect Expert with the Seven Absolutes Sect, as his grasp. Also, Duan Ling Tian possessed inherited the Fog Rainwater Progeny that Feng Qing Yang left out.
The Celestials in the Solitary Destructive Paradise were definitely mainly Sword Celestials for their Perfect Emperor. The Gloomy Sunbow Sword Sect was an all-feminine fourth-amount sect more than 90Percent of their own people had been girls.
She swept the sword in her own hands and wrists out and deflected this type of water droplets easily.
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“Master, is there a good reason why you together with Senior Sister arrived searching for us?” Feng Tian Wu asked, perplexed.
She swept the sword in her own hands out and deflected water droplets effortlessly.
“Master.” Feng Tian Wu bowed. A little frown can be witnessed in her encounter currently. Why managed the Sect Head as well as Grand Elder occur seeking them?
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After You Bai Feng considered Feng Tian Wu a trace of unwillingness can be found in her turbid vision.

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